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Young Rome

The Music,
The Man,
& His Plan!

Young Rome Gives us his "Food For Thought!"

BY Jessica-LaShawn

As one third of the super group Imx, Young Rome has embarked on a solo career.
Known for redefining the word longevity within the music industry this young man is ready,
eager, and willing to redirect Hip Hop to his plato of entertainment. Following the success
of his counterpart Marques “MH” Houston, Young Rome is determined to show the world
just what he is about. Over a decade of experience has given this soon to be 23 year old
the title of an industry veteran. His album’s full of his life’s stories, sex, alcohol,
and an overall good party! Staying extremely positive throughout the duration of
the album Young Rome invites his listeners into a world that isn’t considered
teenie-bopperish! He is in control and he’s giving everyone his “Food for
Thought”! Welcome to the Music, the Man, and his Plan!

The Music

1. Why’d you chose to go by the name Young Rome?

Young Rome represents who I am as a person. My family and
friends have called me that since I was little. Going by the name
allows me to make my message through my music more personal.

2. Why’d you name your album “Food for Thought”.

When I decided to drop a solo album people were wondering how I could stand
solo from Imx. By naming my album "Food for thought" I was able to educate
them on my life, my skills, and my determination. I basically want people to know
where I was coming from in my own unique way.

3. How is this album different from previous Immature/Imx albums?

I was able to discuss more mature subjects in my own way. I had no hold up with
this album because it was what was on my mind and in my heart. I was able to
just be me.

4 Do you feel that you had to change your image in order to gain more
respect for this album?

Nah. My image has been the same the only thing is that I’m getting older. I’m
able to do a lot more things.

5. Is this album a good representation of your actual lifestyle?
6. What is your favorite song?

Best Days and Look Down on Me.

7 What is the next single and when will you shot the video?

Freaky and Yeah I shot the video three weeks ago.

8 Will you tour to promote this album?

Yeah I think around late September.

9. Can we expect a sophomore solo album from you and MH?

Yeah I’ll do one after another Imx album. Mh is in the studio right now working on
10 When can we expect the return of Imx?

Sooner than you think!

11. Why hasn’t L.D.B. been actively supporting your solo careers?

He is more so on the business side of all of the things we do. Tell the fans not to
worry about him because he is fine. We all see each other like everyday so
everything is still tight between us. But overall he manages some of the TUG
artist and myself. He’s doing big things behind the scenes.

Is Kelton (LDB) in college?
Nah. He's working on managing artist for right now.

12 How long did it take you to record “Food for Thought“?

About 2 Months. Yeah, 2 Months.

13. Will Imx’s album to come have some of the same lyrical freedom as your
solo album?

Expect maturity.

14. Are you featured on Ray J’s fourth coming album?
Nah. Just a rumor.

15. What did you learn while on the road with MH during the promotion of
his solo project?

People were throwing hard questions at him all of the time and I knew it was hard
for him. I learned that I needed to prepare for everyone and their opinions of
me, Imx, and my solo project.
The Man
1. What is your middle name? (Isaac or Isaiah )
Isaiah but it’s spelled like Izzaich

2. Describe Jerome I Jones to the fans?

I’m cool, calm, and collective. I’m all about business and family. I love my mom
she is the center of my world and my little nephews are what gives me joy. I’m
just a family person. If I’m on the road I’m fine but when I get to my family I’m
complete. I’m strong, determined, and I’m focused man. (laughing) But I like to
control my environment to the best of my ability in order to be comfortable.

3. How tall are you?

4. Do you have a child? (The journey liner notes)
No not at all I’ll read the album credits but no I don’t have a child of my own.
5. Describe and explain your tattoos please.

One is the world and it means that I control what goes on in my world. That is my
main thing. The other one is an X with Romeo underneath it. That represents my
place in Imx.

6. Describe your potential soul mate. (physique characteristics, values)

Whew she just has to be strong. I need a woman that can handle this business.
She has to be able to trust me. Girls I’ve been with in the past couldn’t handle
me being gone a lot and they’d want me to stay and lay up with them. But then I’
d have to tell them if I did that who’s gonna provide for my nieces and nephews.
They’ll come up to me and be like Uncle why we can’t wear Jordan’s no more we
gotta downgrade to some other shoe. I need to do my job, work and pay the bills
and that’s real. But ummm I need a woman that understands me and my love for
the music. Looks ...well ummm...beggars can’t be choosers. I want a little
something to work with you know. (laughs) I need a woman that can just be for
me. When I’m on the road she can stay at home and take care of the kids and
be happy but when I come home she is there for me without an attitude. She
gotta love me for me and what I do and not just for what I do. She can get out
and have her own job I’m still gonna be a provider but that is her choice if she
wants to work or not. I’m straight. But she really just needs to be strong enough
to handle the things I go through daily and be her own person.

7. Are you involved currently in a relationship?

Nah-whew. I just got out of a 2 and a half year relationship right before I
recorded my album. A hard break up.

8. What have you learned about yourself during the promotion of this

I love music and I have a talent that I love to share. I never knew how much I
loved this game until I start playing by myself. I am a lot stronger and passionate
about my music. It is an extension of me.
The Plan

1. What are your plans for your 23rd birthday?
I have no idea, really, none!

2. Are you going to participate in the Imx Convention that will be help in
2005 in L.A?

What! Man I knew nothing about that but if I am in L.A I’ll make it a point to go
and mingle with my fans. Gosh that’s great. Man that’s hot. We would love to be
apart of that for sure!

3. How has this solo album aided in your musical career goals?
Man it made me find even more goals as a solo artist and as a member of Imx. I’
ve just grown and my love for music has grown. I just wanna be in this game
more seriously now.

4. What are your plans now since you’ve dropped a successful solo project?
Do more music!

5. Are the colors Red, White, and Blue symbolic to your album?
Nah not really. I felt those colors helped me to represent the classic struggle. I
am representing what a lot of people go through and I actually made it

6. How do you feel about fans approaching you off of the stage?

I love my fans first of all but you just gotta be respectful. If I’m in the hotel, that is
a business and you gotta be respectful. I don’t mind holding a conversation with
you because I love the fans. But if I’m out with my mom and my nephew is in my
arms don’t run up to me in a way that will freak them out. They aren’t use to that
so my mom would trip and my nephew will start crying. So just be respectful. It’s
happened and I don’t really mind!

7. Are you going to attend college?
Yeah I sure will. I haven't because I never really had the time. I don't want to
commit myself to something I wont be able to give my all too. I wouldn't want to
get an F and fail because that isn't me. But yeah I will go to school later on!

Anything you wanna say to the fans?
I love yall thanks. But you take care of yourself. See ya. IIght!

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