Sunday, January 7, 2007

Ruben Studdard

Ruben Studdard

An Observation of His Struggle
By Jessica LaShawn

Being in the presence of an individual with pure talent, an inviting personality, and an overall good heart is one of the best experiences one could have on a rainy day. Ruben Studdard, known for being crowned an American Idol, the velvet teddy bear, and the man that took a stand for those dealing with weight issues mesmerizes people at first glance. Offering an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be able to perform at such a powerful venue, he paced back and forth while warming up his voice to perform for an audience at the DuSable Museum. The phenomenal event he prepared for was none other than the renowned Music Experience organized by the prestigious Dedry Jones.

Ruben’s band set up and encouraged each other to bring down the house as they played riffs to help Ruben with his vocal exercises. The time came near for the doors to open and Ruben adamantly raced towards the door to meet and great some of the people that were in line. He did an on the spot interview, drank a warm beverage and hit the stage with
power. Knowing that this show was to promote his new album appropriately titled “The Return”, he approached the stage with excitement. Belting out up-tempo melodies, heart felt ballads, and surprising club joints that were surely car worthy.

The audience showed interest in his new music as they stood frequently to sway back and forth in the midst of soul grabbing musical testimonies. Dedry allowed the crowd to feel closeness to the singing sensation while he performed on onstage interviewed that proved to be highly informative and inspirational. The night was full of magic as all events hosted by Mr. Jones are. The audience left feeling satisfied, grooved to the max, and ready to buy Mr. Studdard’s sophomore release. Ruben offers a sense of gratefulness for all of the love and support he has received, but would like people to know that he is more than the picture perfect lovable big guy the media portrays him to be. After the concert he expressed to another journalist and I that he wants people to know that he is a city boy that hasn’t lived his life so wholesomely. He has been through a lot and he isn’t afraid to show that on this CD. One audience member stated that “Ruben seems a little more hood this time around but he seems comfortable and natural.” I guess you never really know an artist until they decide to show you the true essence of their being throughout their music. “The Return” allows Ruben to take his message a different direction that resembles the whole fabric in which he calls home.

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