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By: Jessica Lashawn

Cherish is one of the newest gurl groups to the music scene. Their innovative sound and extra sexy look has everyone wondering about these young ladies. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, they have been perfecting their harmonies and sisterhood in order to take this industry by storm. With common goals to be quality role models, advocates for higher education, and manifesting your own destiny, these four young ladies have more than their goals in mind, but all of their fans as well. It’s not hard to see that these girls are valuable and for that they are to be cherished.

JL: Hi ladies, you all look stunning today.

C: Thank you. We appreciate it.

JL: You have a performance in Chicago today. What’s so special about it that you had to become a part of it?

C: Well WGCI is hosting an event for all of the kids as a way to promote a safe and great summer. When we heard that it was to motivate kids to stay away from the negative elements out there, we knew that we had to be a part of that. It’s important that we, as artists try to make sure that we are setting the right example for our fans. So, whenever we have something good like this, we strive to be a part of it.

JL: How do you ladies feel about being role models now?

C: There is some pressure to it, but it comes along with the territory. We just have to try and be true to ourselves as much as possible, but yet take into consideration that our fans pay attention to all that we do.

JL: So who were your individual role models or the people you looked up to in the industry that inspired you thus far?

C: Well, definitely EnVouge, Aaliyah, TLC, and many others helped to pave the way for us to be right where we are. What made those artists special is the fact that they had their own style. They even developed over time as styles changed, but they were original.

JL: It’s very common to see a four member girl group in this industry, but what sets you guys apart from the rest?

C: Well, we are all sisters and we’re naturally close, so you don’t have to worry about us breaking up. We have been singing together since we were born and that shows within our harmony. We care about the lyrics we sing and that’s why it is important for us to write them ourselves. It is what helps us to be in charge of our own message that we are sending out to our fans. Plus, we’re young and we have a lot to offer.

JL: If you guys could be in any other profession outside of the music industry what would it be?

C: I hate to think about stuff like that because if I weren’t doing what I love which is this, then I would be working towards making it into the industry. But, you always need a plan. We’d all be in school. We’d go for medicine and become doctors, an artist, and music teacher. Education is important and we do plan on going back to school, but right now we are concentrating on our careers. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

JL: How did your hit single “Do It” come about?

C: Well, we were in our hotel room just playing around and the melody popped into my head. We took advantage of it and wrote it in 15 minutes right there in our room.

JL: Is it hard trying to conform to a certain image that your record label has in mind for you? Did you have any issues with that?

C: Well in this industry, that is kind of mandatory and we knew that, so we presented ourselves to our label and they just thought that we were fine. So our image was already there but the maintenance is the key. We have to look like stars all of the time. You never know when you have an appearance and you have to be prepared. We are happy with it and it wasn’t too much of a hassle. I guess we were already on the right track.

JL: What can we expect from the upcoming album?

C: Well people don’t expect to hear a lot of soul stirring music. We like ballads and good soul music. That’s what this album is about and we pride ourselves on our harmonies. So we’re proud of the overall album and can’t wait to share it with our fans. It’s something we worked hard on.

JL: What do you think this album will do for the R & B industry?

C: We hope that it brings real R & B music back to the industry. All of these different genres are merging and people are doing that to become more and more original but now we need to get back to the basics. This album is about life and it’s straight from the soul. It’s refreshing because of our harmonies, our lyrics, and our passion.

JL: Now you guys aren’t newbies to the scene. Didn’t you have an affiliation with Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat?

C: Yes we did and we thank them so much for believing in us from the start at an early age. We did a song with the Da Brat called “Love Wit You” and that was fun. We were in the video as well. That was a great experience and it helped us gain a larger fan base. We are grateful to them and we appreciate all that they did!

JL: Well ladies it has been a pleasure meeting you and I wish you the best of luck. Make sure you give it your all. BrownGurl believes in you!

C: Thank you so much for the opportunity

Check out their new video Unappreciated at the link below

Cherish – "Unappreciated" Video Streams
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Here is my Album Review:



The group Cherish is on top of the charts and at

the forefront of all the ladies’ hearts with their hit

single “Do It To It” which has gained them a spot on the BET tour, traveling the country with such greats as Chris Brown, NeYo, and more. The album entitled “Unappreciated” was named after the second single and is gaining immeasurable amounts of airplay. The ladies seem to take the Jazze Pha dynasty to a whole new level delivering what seems to be a darn good sophomore album for Ciara, but full of rich vocal harmonies, song topics, and head banging beats. I was convinced that these ladies were able to relay their individual, yet group style throughout each record displaying their talent and essence of womanhood. To be young ladies, their topic choices are befitting and they talk about real life issues in a classy and elegant way. The relationship driven ballad “Unappreciated” tells the story of a woman in love that has reached the end of her rope with an ungrateful man. My favorite track happens to be “Fool 4 You” where the harmony, sharp rhythm, and engulfing hook command one’s attention. The ghetto classic, A-town anthem happens to be none other than the soon-to-be hit “Chevy” with its gangster appeal as an ode to men from around the way that know how to keep it hood. Overall, this album is a must have. I was impressed and I look forward to seeing the ladies perform since much of the album is bass driven with pop and southern crunk styling.

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