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Mike Jones

This is an old interview but I am scheduled for another one with this great artist in regards to his new release entitled, "Mike Jones: Mr. Jones" Here is a stream for his new material: listen and leave a comment. Thank you for the love!

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" I wouldn't be here if I tried to be like you. I gotta be me!"

~Mike Jones

“281-330-8004,” is the number that answers the question of, “Who is Mike Jones?” The new craze in hip-hop comes by way of a chubby kid from Houston, Texas representing platinum and yellow gold grills, a love for money, and not to mention, grandma. Now signed to Warner Brothers records with a platinum album, Mike Jones has the ability to get audiences to chant “Back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot they all on me,” without hesitation. His music brings energy to the game, restores the power of Southern hip-hop, while giving those an anthem that have experienced discrimination due to their looks. Mike Jones has elevated his way to being a poster boy for self-acceptance, and getting on your grind, “In the Turning Lane!”

Mike Jones arrived on the underground music scene within the late 1990’s. His name was tossed back and forth on mix tapes all throughout the southern states. His reputation began to grow due to his unique rhyme flow. Mike contributes his popularity to being original and true to self, “ I wasn’t trying to be like anyone else, I always wanted to rap the way I wanted to rap, you know just being me was all I could do , and I do it , so well.” He fames his motivation to stay focused to his Grand Mothers faith and belief in him. “She was always telling me not to give up. I kept getting discouraged thinking about all the other rappers out there that were
getting more respect than me. I was doing okay but I wanted more. Sometimes it just got tough and hard to accept that success wasn’t coming fast enough.” Many weren’t accepting Mike Jones as a serious rapper for reasons unknown. “They couldn’t see the vision or the hustle of Ice Age Entertainment.”

Mike Jones began his career working the Houston strip clubs trying to get DJ’s to play his records. “I’d go up to them and say you have to play this joint and they ask who are you and I’d say Mike Jones, and they say Who. That is how that started the fuel for me to get on my grind and get my name out. Once I got the DJ’s to start playing a little something, I hooked up with Swishahouse for three years being featured on their mix tapes. Man I really blew up quick because of the mix tapes. That is a powerful force right there. The strippers were supporting me then and DJ’s were on it. I got so popular I was able to do shows in Alaska, I was traveling everywhere promoting Ice Age and Swishahouse.”

Ice Age Entertainment was created by Mike Jones to serve as a record company that
supported the hustle needed for an artist to survive. “I created Ice Age Entertainment, in order to profit from my success. I had faith in what I was trying to do. Plus, people have to realize that this is a business. Anybody can rap but you have to be able to deal with people, being in demand, and just knowing how to handle business.” In regards to new talent Mike Jones would sign to his record label he specifies that the artist must “ have patience, and be able to tolerate a lot of stuff. Folks forget that you’re human a lot of times and you can’t piss
a fan off. You have to try your best to please.”

Mike Jones feels that “as an artist it is important to know that you are here for the fans. Relationships mean everything in this business. I did a song with Missy for free because that is Missy and now I get so much love and respect from being featured on that song, money could pay for that. Relationships with others is what matters in this business. I love to work and promote because I am a businessman outside of being a rapper. Without that business mentality, I wouldn’t be here where I am at now. I believe my best asset that will ensure me staying around in the game is my originality. When I step on stage there is no greater feeling than having the fans sing words I wrote and they can relate to like they are in a choir. I just
love the fans. I love the fact they support me and can relate. In the midst of all that, I tell people I am who I am and that is Mike Jones. Sure, I’m chubby and you might catch me not looking so fresh and so clean. Yeah my jeans might be wrinkled and stuff but I cant help it. I’ll do what I can for the fans. Sometimes I’ll be walking with a whole bunch of luggage down the hall in a hotel and someone would want a picture . Sure, I’ll drop my luggage and do it but sometimes your actions can be taking the wrong way. You gotta be careful to your fans and try to show as much love as possible.”

Mike Jones’ attitude is wonderful. His energy is something anyone can feed off of. His approach to the industry can be considered starting blocks to success. From Strip Clubs to sold out arenas, everyone from my grandmother to myself knows, “Who Is Mike Jones?”

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