Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rich Boy

Club D'Vine is packed to capacity as over 200 of Chicago's elite and sexy gather to meet one of hip hops rising starts by the name of Rich Boy. The crowd is excited and looking good. One of Chicago's hottest promoters by the name of DonSki navigates with ease through the crowd. He is the cool, calm, collected as he watches his event manifest. The climax of the night was a performance at none other than local rock star facility club Wet. I was able to watch from the sidelines as Rich Boy and his crew was escorted around the city. While he prepared to make his appearance he sat in the back seat of his van communicating vigorously with someone over his sidekick. He seemed at ease but excited about the occasion. The line of devoted hip-hop heads that graced the sidelines of club Wet amazed him as he looked on with a stare of anticipation. Sweat beads began to manifest on the corners of his brow as his manager insisted that he leave the vehicle now. He got out and stretched, popped his back and walked towards me with a look of curiosity. I asked him how Chicago treats him and he smiles and says, "the people here love me. I feel the love. I'm really liking the vibe here. It just feels right and the people are amped just like I like them to be. I wouldn't trade this moment for the world." With his single "Throw some D's on it" heating up the airwaves he appears to be confident and reserved when I asked him why people gravitated to his song so earnestly? "I think people just feel what I have to say. I aint got no deep shit in mind but I deal with what I know about and that's what I talk about. It's all about how people can relate to the same thangs. I'm sure the hustlers in Chicago want some D's on they rides just like my folks in the south." While concentrating on the fashion side of hip-hop that mirrors materialism, I happen to notice his affection towards his crew. I count help but ask what makes the people with him so special that they get to travel with him and he replied by saying that "real people always keep realness around them and these here folks are my backbone. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. I know Im in good hands when they are around." Loyalty has always been a strong resident within the hip-hop culture but I couldn't help but wonder why Rich Boy traveled with such a heavy crew. So its normal for you to travel with 10 or 15 guys? "yeah I want them to see what I'm blessed enough to see while we both can. I made it up out the ghetto and by all means that means that they have too. Its all about loyalty to your family. That's what I am all about." I guess there is nothing else to ask when an artist comes true like that. Now we see why he is more than just a Rich Boy but a Loyal man.

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