Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Keith Robinsons Reality

Keith Robinson has refreshed his presence on the entertainment scene with his powerful performance within the critically acclaimed DreamGirls. Now with an immeasurable fan base of intrigued and faithful women, he has re-launched his career as a professional crooner with the release of his single “The One” which is followed by the flavorful “Stages” which talks about the struggle between life’s trials and decision making.

Facing many trials stemming from his quest to be seen as a serious performer after basking in the success of his musical big screen escapade, he concentrates on establishing himself as a “multifaceted entrepreneur undergoing a personal evolution.” Robinson states that he tries to “make music that people can relate to and hopefully reproduce to.” While suggesting that music is “the most powerful aphrodisiac known to mankind outside of the idea of being in love with the thought of being in love.”

Keith’s voice is powerful and packs a lot of feeling that invokes a listener to a more intimate level of emotional adventure. Within the smooth and sensual song “Thirsty” Keith explores the world of ultimate seduction over a jazz infused melody that abducts a listener and forces them to visualize themselves vicariously living through Keith’s lyrics. The air of the song incarcerates the beat and solidifies it as a potential classic while the lyrics exert an immense amount of energy to compete on the same level as the seductive music. The lyrics fail unfortunately and ultimately dilute the power of the song.

After spending time talking about the importance of family and how they serve as his major driving force in such an unpredictable field, Robinson states that his “family is truly supportive of his career because they have talent as well individually and encourages their children to use their talents.” Its all about family, love, and the quest to fulfill ones dreams when it comes down to this fellow as he expresses that “ones power and drive is what gives a person the passion they will need in order to start off trying, fight to stay in the game, and eventually accomplish something. You have got to just take advantage of life and live.”

Still within his bountiful twenties, this masterful gentleman hopes to replenish the presence of soul within the ever-changing structure of the R and B musical hemisphere. Actively involved with his community, he embraces his family values, talent, and fame by reaching out to his hometowns people and spreading words of encouragement as often as he can. Robinsons says that “its just my way of sewing seeds within every city that I frequent.” While on the road he keeps his “eyes open for real life situations that can inspire him to write and utilize some studio time.”

Sure the life of one of the hottest actors out right now is exhausting but he finds “rectitude in knowing that all of my hard work is paying off now and I just have to work a little harder to make sure that it doesn’t stop paying (laughing).” It seems like a trying fate to accept a hectic schedule but Keith comforts all that worry about him but simply reminding them that he “wakes up to do what I love which is the greatest blessing for me right now. I make music about the development or maturation of love, I sing about it, I write about it, and then I make movies about it. My life revolves around my passion.” When asked if he is living what he singing about he laughs and says “I’m optimistic.”
Its hard to avoid talking about dreams coming true after the overly used play on words for all cast members directly associated to one of the most successful Broadway plays to the big screen within the last 5 years. When ask how does it feel to be bombarded by the long living hype he says with a sense of zeal that “dreams are a reality but the quest is within the struggle to actually bring them into fruition. Yes people talk about the movie but hey if that is what helps me to get out there and familiar to more people then I say with a sincere heart keep talking about CeCe and those DreamGirls.” Yet, he is more than CeCe from the movie because he is even better in real life due to his captivating charm, respect, education, and debonair good looks.

Keith Robinson is constantly evolving to new heights from one of the cross cultural roles as a power ranger to appearing on mainstream TV shows such as ER, NYPD Blue, and Half and Half, and not to mention an unforgettable role within the movie Fat Albert. He is humble, passionate, and full of purpose. He is the one we have been waiting for beyond metaphysical mental authenticity with the sweet reward of his articulate tenor voice vigorously elevating us to his reality.

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